— 1 —

You will have problems because you are human. As the Holy Scripture says, a person is born for suffering, like sparks in order to rush upward.

— 2 —

Happiness won’t last forever. There will be tears, worries, and possibly broken hearts. You will walk from corner to corner around the room or you will not be able to close your teary eyes all night, staring at the ceiling, as happened with your parents or grandparents.

— 3 —

When the time comes, remember just one priceless wisdom: never let any problem come between you.

The most important thing here is between you. All the troubles of the world won’t bother you while they’re outside. None of the enemies you will have will harm or hurt if they cannot come between you.

There will be disappointments, bereavements, sweet illusions will be destroyed, failures, regrets, mistakes, anger and resentment will happen. And you will be able to resist all of this — at least sevenfold — if you hold on to each other and do not allow a single misfortune to seep between your hearts.

— 4 —

Be partners. And let each of you promise never to conclude a peace treaty with an enemy without the consent of the other.


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