Most mothers will tell you out loud that a photo session with a child is another test: you need to gather yourself, prepare clothes for everyone, check everything three times, change everyone’s clothes and constantly control everything.

I have one piece of advice for you: RELAX! Yes, if you read this out loud, it sounds stupid, I agree. But you still can’t change anything.

There are three categories of young models:

Toddlers under the age of one year

They don’t walk/walk badly yet, they will be happy to play on the floor or sit on the handles, attention constantly switches to different things, but it can be quite simple to get them interested (take toys/rattles with you).

Children 3-4 years and older

Someone is already posing quite consciously and with pleasure, someone is not, but it is already quite possible to agree with them: to promise a reward after shooting (going to the game room / café / store for a gift) as payment for the work done.

Children from 1 to 3

Probably the most difficult age, when it is not always possible to agree, and you just can’t keep it either, you have only one way left — the game! Play as much as possible, with emotions, with joy, involve the child in the process through the game.

Main life hack

For good live shots, it is enough to constantly interact with the child, walk around the studio, show him toys and various objects, fool around, jump, have fun. Then everything will work out.

And for beautiful “framed” photos where everyone is smiling and looking at the camera (the larger the family, the more difficult it is to catch such a frame), you just need not be distracted by the child.

Just pose and smile. The child will also be caught sooner or later. Because there is nothing more disappointing than a photo in which the child FINALLY looks at the camera with a smile, and at this moment you say “smile” to him, or straighten your husband’s shirt, or get distracted by anything at all.

Very important point

The main thing: always calculate the time of the photo session based on the temperament of your child!

For active children who quickly make contact, immediately get used to a new environment, but at the same time get tired quickly and need a change of activity / location, a 30-minute-hour format is suitable.

For shy children who first need to learn everything, get used to a new place, get comfortable and open up in communication WITH a stranger and WITH a stranger, the 1-2 hour format is suitable.

Happy family photo sessions!


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