I shoot on two SD cards at once

There are two slots in my camera, raw is written to one, jpg to the other. In the event that the second card suddenly stops working, then there will be no problem at all. By the way. For the same reason, I use cards of small volume — it is better to have many small cards than one large one, with which EVERYTHING can be lost.

I copy the captured photos from the cards to two external hard drives at once

Yes, I make two copies, learned from bitter experience. Now I keep everything in duplicate. If one of the disks fails for some reason, I always have an exact copy of it.

I send photos from the cards to the trash, but I don’t clean the trash.

Because in the event that, for some fantastic reason, EVERYTHING IN GENERAL breaks down, the poppy will carefully save all the files in the basket. Of all the equipment, he is perhaps the most reliable comrade.

After giving the photo, I always advise you to store it in several places as well

On a computer + on a flash drive + in iCloud. In general, you understand the logic: the more storage, the better. Of course, I also keep all my archives, but if you return to the beginning of the post, you will understand that the archives may not be completely eternal either.

Well, realizing all the responsibility, especially in matters of wedding photography, it cannot be otherwise for me. After all, one inattentive action can ruin the reputation, and no one will replay the wedding. I just understand that I will not survive such a shame.